Recent Before & After Photos

When Accidents Happen

A clogged toilet overflows, a water supply line leaks, or someone starts filling a bathtub and forgets (which was the case of our customer)—any of these s... READ MORE

A Hidden Health Threat

Our team was called out to respond to an emergency call of a flooded kitchen caused by a dishwasher’s faulty hose. During the restoration process of this ... READ MORE

When Household Appliances Fail

Water damage can occur in a variety of ways, one of them being the appliances in your kitchen. One day, you may leave the dishwasher running before heading out ... READ MORE

Water Damage on Hardwood Floors

The homeowners of this property in Redwood City reached out to SERVPRO of Atherton/Redwood City when their home flooded as a result of a broken pipe. The water ... READ MORE

Helping Local Business Owners

A candle sparked a fire onto a nearby curtain that decorated this local spa. The business owner quickly responded and effectively put out the fire using a fire ... READ MORE

Fire at Downtown Palo Alto Restaurant

This popular restaurant in Downtown Palo Alto suffered from a devastating kitchen fire that spread over the stove and other appliances. The fire spread quickly,... READ MORE

Pool House Restoration After a Flood

The pool house of a luxury home in Atherton flooded due to sewer backup from a clogged pipe. Unfortunately, the damage was extensive, resulting in the need to r... READ MORE

Mold Experts

Kitchen pantries in breakrooms contain plenty of food scraps, and are also dark spaces which can be affected by moisture -- all aspects leading to mold formatio... READ MORE

Open Garage Window Causes Water Damage in Menlo Park

Storm damage occurred when high winds allowed rainwater to enter freely into the open window in the interior of this garage. The floor was saturated with water.... READ MORE

Storm Damage Restoration

The before picture shows a storage room affected by water damage while the homeowner was away. Heavy rains had created water to enter through a damaged roof. Th... READ MORE